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What Is The Concept of Other People’s Money?

The rich person uses OPM (other people’s money) to finance a real estate deal.

That real estate deal produces a monthly income for the rich person (cash flow). This is tax free income. This person then takes the revenue/profits (cash flow) from the real estate deal and invests it into a new investment (gold, silver, real estate, etc). Continue reading

How to Sell Your Products and Services Utilizing Email Marketing

Building a mailing list is a fantastic way to make your audience feel as though they are on-board with your message and to gain more trust and more authority within your niche.

But while building relationships with your fans or customers is important, what’s also highly Continue reading

3 Steps On How To Destroy The Competition With Unstoppable Confidence

Aside from being a driving force, motivation likewise functions as a driver for confidence.

When somebody is confident about doing something, that individual is clearly inspired for the reason that he is confident. In short, you’re more motivated to do something when you understand you might do it. Continue reading

Why You Need To Use Zoom In Your Small Business

At the time of composing this article, the world is grasped by the coronavirus pandemic making it difficult to meet with people face to face. As a result, the variety of people using the Zoom platform has actually grown considerably as it supplies them with a terrific way to get in touch with individuals throughout quarantine.  Continue reading