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What Is The Concept of Other People’s Money?

The rich person uses OPM (other people’s money) to finance a real estate deal.

That real estate deal produces a monthly income for the rich person (cash flow). This is tax free income. This person then takes the revenue/profits (cash flow) from the real estate deal and invests it into a new investment (gold, silver, real estate, etc). Continue reading

10 Businesses to Start with AI Tools to Generate Significant Profits

Every technologist, futurist, or thinker that you can think of agrees: AI is going to be HUGE in the
future. People like Elon Musk warn that AI will bring about the downfall of man. Others point to the ways in which AI is going to revolutionize art, medic ine, and science for the betterment of all mankind.

Whichever side of the argument they land on, they all agree that AI is going to be a BIG deal. Continue reading

What Is The Importance of Customer Value?

My friend, this is how the rich get rich and richer. In fact, I can even take it further than that. The rich just do things differently. Here’s a hypothetical of a system a rich business person could do:

The rich person uses OPM (other people’s money) to finance a real estate deal. That real estate deal produces a monthly income for the rich person (cash flow). This is tax free income. Continue reading

Discover How to Become An Expert In Your Niche

Are You Ready to attract…

More Money?

More Opportunities?

In every industry today there are people with ‘Expert Status’ who effortlessly attract all the best opportunities…most of the money. They ‘Cherry Pick’ the best clients, gigs and fees, while others struggle and fight for scraps in the same niche/industry. Continue reading

Just What Are The Secrets Of A Successful Blog?

Do you know the characteristics of successful blogs?

Successful blogs that make a lot of money have a lot of readers, so if you want to have success with your blog, focus on getting lots of readers. There are many ways to go about getting Continue reading

What Do You Mean By Information Overload?

In today’s connected society, you can find information anywhere, and at any time of the day.

With this constant barrage of info, we can rapidly succumb to information overload. There is simply too much information for us to process nowadays, and it can have a disastrous Continue reading

3 Reasons Your Comfort Zone Is Damaging Your Achievement For True Happiness

All of us have our comfort zones, and the truth is, it’s important to us. But you can’t remain shackled to your comfort zone permanently. Here’s why you require to step out of your comfort zone if you wish to accomplish true happiness: Continue reading

3 Steps On How To Destroy The Competition With Unstoppable Confidence

Aside from being a driving force, motivation likewise functions as a driver for confidence.

When somebody is confident about doing something, that individual is clearly inspired for the reason that he is confident. In short, you’re more motivated to do something when you understand you might do it. Continue reading

Why You Need To Use Zoom In Your Small Business

At the time of composing this article, the world is grasped by the coronavirus pandemic making it difficult to meet with people face to face. As a result, the variety of people using the Zoom platform has actually grown considerably as it supplies them with a terrific way to get in touch with individuals throughout quarantine.  Continue reading